Branch Committees


  • Researches emerging topics, newly constructed projects, industry professionals in the news, and area leaders
  • Establish and maintain contacts to assist in selecting speakers future events
  • Assist other committees when planning events such as Golf Tournament and seminars
  • Directed by the Vice President


  • Responsibility for attracting qualified engineers into the Branch and Society
  • Greet members at meeting, recognition of lifetime members, recognition of new members
  • Encourage the present members to remain in the Society, encourage former members to reinstate, and encourage all assigned members of the Branch to become subscribing members
  • Pursue activities, such as volunteer community service opportunities, in order to provide community involvement
  • Committee Chairperson must work closely with Secretary-Treasurer


  • Seeks to create an atmosphere of cordiality at functions and to impact newcomers with a sense of belonging to the group
  • Enhances the work of the Membership Committee by greeting newcomers, especially younger members, and introducing them to members, officers and activities of the Branch
  • Assists with the planning of dinners and branch activities separate from monthly meetings
  • Act as host to guests and speakers


  • Assist in the maintenance of the Branch website and online networks
  • Write updates about Branch activities for display on the website
  • Create and distribute press releases regarding Branch news and events
  • Manage social media networking accounts
  • Pursue opportunities to recognize members of the Branch with various awards and recognition opportunities through ASCE
  • Assist with fundraising for special programs.


  • Charged with monitoring suggested and pending local, state and federal legislative acts and regulations to detect items of interest or concern to the membership of the Montgomery Branch
  • This committee shall study such acts and make recommendations to the Board of Directors on such matters of concern


  • Manage the Scholarship programs for high school students attending college
  • Reviews the requirements for each program and makes recommendations on modifications to the program or selection criteria
  • Notifies eligible schools, solicits submissions by students, reviews submissions, selects winners, notifies recipients of award, and seeks donations
  • Schedule an award ceremony when possible at a Branch meeting
  • Perform any other duties as directed by Board of Directors liaison the 1st Past President